What is Lithium-Ion battery?

What is Lithium-Ion battery?

What is Lithium-Ion battery?

Lithium-ion battery is an advanced battery technology that uses lithium-ions as a key component of its electrochemistry. It is a type of rechargeable battery which are one of the best energy-to-weight ratios, high open circuit voltage and low self-discharge rate. In recent years, Lithium-ion battery are gaining its popularity in the forklift industry as the evolution of fast operational pace for companies across most industries, high productivity and efficiency are king! Therefore, Lithium-ion batteries has its competitive advantage compared to lead acid batteries concerned with the battery usage hour, lifespan, maintenance requirement, etc. Advantage of Lithium-ion battery

1. Maintenance free

Lithium-ion battery is fully sealed compact battery. So, you don’t have to add water into the battery like the lead acid battery. Besides, the Battery Management System (BMS) allows users to monitor the battery condition such as usage hours, charging hours, temperature, etc, to give protection for the battery.

2. Productivity enhanced

The Lithium-ion battery has the ability to opportunity charge. This ability is perhaps the most significant advantage compared to the lead acid battery. Opportunity charging is to recharge the Lithium-ion battery at any time such as lunch break, teatime or in between assignments. Moreover, the rapid charging ability offers a short charge burst to the battery to maintain consistency of high performance. In the other way, it reduced the downtime of operation.

3. Cost saving

The Lithium-ion maintenance free feature reduced maintenance labour and increased worker safety. With highly charging efficiency, Lithium-ion battery require shorter time to charging, meaning less energy is needed to recharge compared to lead acid battery and lead to money saving.

Who should consider Lithium-ion battery?

No matter you are a diesel, petrol, LPG or lead acid battery forklift user, Lithium-ion battery is definitely a game changer in the future. We believe the sustainability of Lithium-ion battery carried by its competitive advantage will worth the battery investment in conjunction with the Net Zero era.