What is lead acid battery?

What is lead acid battery?

What is lead acid battery?

Lead acid battery as known as wet cell batteries are the most common batteries in the forklift industry. It contains charged plates suspended in a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. The battery works by suspending the electrolytes between 2 oppositely charged plates within the sulfuric acid and water mixture. Therefore, evaporation occurs during forklift operating and charging process. As a result, lead acid battery requires regular maintenance by adding water into the battery.

How to take care your lead acid battery?

Here are some tips on how to take care your lead acid battery.

  1. Avoid over discharge/overcharging:Over discharge or overcharging is very lethal to your battery, you shall proper schedule your operation hours and charging hours. The suggested charging period is when the battery left 20-40%. The battery charging process usually takes 5-8 hours for fully charge. If your nature of work does not allow it, you shall consider an extra battery for your operation.

  2. Adding water into the battery after a charge: After the charge, the battery is lack of water in it due to the evaporation effect. So, do remember to add purified water into the battery till the required water level. You can get a specialized watering system and a trained person to monitor and take care the battery, ensure the water level are accurate.

  3. Always keep your battery clean and dry: After adding water into the battery, you shall wipe out the water around the battery as over fluided will damage your battery and the battery tray. The rust and corrosion are harmful to our body, avoid direct contact as the leaked chemical might cause irritation or redness on our skin.

With the proper maintenance, the lead acid battery can last for five years or more.